Kate Boat’s Order FAQ
Q: How does Captain Kate’s Boat Orders work?
A: Follow these steps to unlock Captain Kate's Boat Orders:
-Build the Dock. After the Dock is built, Captain Kate's Boat will arrive.
-The Boat will stay at the Dock anywhere between 8-12 hours.
-The Boat leaves after all the orders are completed, or if time runs out.
-The Boat returns after 4 hours. Click on the Dock to view the Next Order before the Boat returns.
-If you're not logged into the game when the Boat returns, it will still appear once you log in.

Q: How do you know when your friends need help with Captain Kate's Boat Orders?

A: Follow these steps to see if your friends need help with Captain Kate's Boat Orders:
-Look at the Neighbors Bar at the bottom of your screen. To the right of the Neighbors Bar is a button with an exclamation point “!”
-Click on the "!" button to view all the Neighbors requesting help. Visit a Neighbor's farm by clicking on their profile picture.
-At the Neighbor's farm, see if there's a yellow “!” above Captain Kate's Boat. If so, they need help to complete the order!

Q: How to help with Captain Kate’s Boat Order?
A: Follow these steps to help a Neighbor with Captain Kate's Boat Order:
-While at your Neighbor's farm, click on the yellow "!" icon floating above Captain Kate's Boat. This will open the Boat Order.
-If you have the item(s) requested, you can give them to Captain Kate. You will receive coins and XP in return.
-If you don't have the requested items, you can choose to pay Sunstones to fill the order and help your Neighbor.

Q: Kate’s Order is too difficult!
A: If you find Captain Kate's Boat Orders too difficult, try the following steps:
-Click on the Dock to view the Next Order. You can view the Next Order any time the Boat is not at the Dock.
-Prepare the Boat Order in advance, before the Boat returns to the Dock.
-If you still need items for the order, you can request Help from Neighbors.
-To request Help, move your cursor over the item in the Boat Order, and click the yellow "!" button that appears.
-You can also check the Newspaper or your Neighbors' Market Stands for items.
-The Stork makes is possible to search for specific items. There is a 4 hour resting period after each Stork search.
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