Barn & Silo FAQ

Q: My Barn and Silo are full!
A: Follow these steps if your Barn and Silo are full:
-Sell crops in your Market Stand to make room in the Silo.
-Sell products in your Market Stand to make room in the Barn.
-Donate crops and products to your Guild under the ""Requests"" tab.
-Produce more items in your machines. Ready recipes will be highlighted in blue.
-Fill extra order requests, such as Visitor Orders, Boat Orders, and Bill's Shopkeeper Orders.
-Discard items from your Market Stand. Place your cursor over the item and click the trash can labeled ""Discard.""
-Upgrade your Barn or Silo with Materials collected in-game.

Q: How to upgrade the Barn or Silo?
A: Follow these steps to upgrade your Barn or Silo:
-Click on the Barn or Silo you wish to upgrade.
-With the Barn/Silo window open, click on the green ""Upgrade"" button located below the products.
-A new window will appear, showing you the Materials needed to upgrade your Barn or Silo.
-If all the Materials are ready, click the ""Complete"" button.

Q: I can’t get the materials to upgrade my Barn and Silo!
A: Upgrade materials are found by harvesting crops and completing Board Orders. For more opportunities to get materials, try the following:
-Check promoted items in the Newspaper. (Click on each farm's name to view its Market Stand for a more complete search.)
-Check Todd's Flea Market for new Deals.
-Finish collections in the Collection Case.
-Participate in events and win Treasure Chests.
-Check the Lucky Wheel daily.

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