Market Stand & Newspaper FAQ

Q: What’s the difference between the Market Stand and the Newspaper?
A: The Market Stand is used to sell items from your farm. The Newspaper is used to buy items from other players. Neighbors can visit your Market Stand at any time. Using the Promote feature in your Market Stand places your item for sale in the Newspaper. Promoted Items can be purchased by anyone, not just Neighbors. Your Market Stand is also available to all HA players after you promote an item.

Q: I bought an item from the Newspaper but didn’t get it!
A: The Newspaper is live for all players. Sometimes a player successfully purchases an item at the moment another player clicks on it. If this happens to you, don't worry. Your coins aren't deducted for the failed purchase. Next time you want to buy from the Newspaper, don't hesitate! You'll have better luck next time.

Q: How do I sell items on the Market Stand?
A: To sell items in the Market Stand, follow these steps:
1. Click on your Market Stand to open the Market Stand panel.
2. Click on an empty slot. A new panel will appear showing items from your Barn and Silo.
3. Click on the item you want to sell. This will move it to the Market Stand slot.
4. Each slot has two sets of "+" and "-" buttons. Use both sets to adjust the quantity, and the selling price.
5. Click the "Sell" button when you're ready! If you miss this step, the item is returned to your Inventory.
6. Each Slot holds one kind of item. To sell more items in the Market Stand, unlock more slots!

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