What are Tokens and how to get them?

Tokens are used to buy pets, and to upgrade the Dog House, Cat House, Woodland Playpen, Duck Pond, and Aviary. They're also useful for making Casting Nets and Bullseye Nets in your Netting Machine. Use Tokens at Todd's Flea Market to buy decorations, products, materials, and consumables.

How to get Tokens:

1. At Level 25, complete the Dock located on the riverside. Captain Kate will arrive with her Boat and unlock Boat Orders. For each completed Boat Order, you receive one token of a random color.

2. At Level 30, complete Mine Orders located on the Order Board. For each completed Mine Order, you receive one token of a random color.

3. Tokens can be traded for different colors at Todd's Flea Market. Tokens can also buy items at Todd's Flea Market.

4. It's possible to buy Tokens with sunstones. To do this, click the "+" button on the Token bar.

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