How to chop down withered trees?

There are two options for chopping down withered trees. You can make Axes in the Workshop, and chop them down yourself. Or you can ask Neighbors to chop down trees for you. Receiving help from Neighbors won't remove Axes from your Inventory or from your Neighbors' Inventory. It's free.

To ask Neighbors to chop down your withered trees, follow these steps:
- Click on the withered tree so the yellow "!" icon can appear. Click on the yellow "!" icon.
- When Neighbors visit your farm, they will see the "!" floating above your withered tree. Clicking on it will chop down your tree.
- The next time you log-in, you'll see a help notice above the withered tree. Touch the help notice and click on the blue button to "Accept" your Neighbor's help.
- After accepting your Neighbor's help, the tree will disappear, and the Wood from the tree will be added to your Inventory.
- Please note: if you don't accept your Neighbor's help withing 24 hours, the help notice will disappear. You can ask for help again by following these same steps.
- You can also post a help notice on your Facebook feed.To do this, complete the first step above, then re-click on the withered tree. Choose the yellow Loudspeaker icon.
- There's no limit to helping neighbors cut down trees. Feel free to help your Neighbors in return. To see a list of Neighbors requesting help, use the "!" filter button to the right of your Neighbor Bar.

Last Modified : September 26, 2017, 1:45 pm
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