Community Neighbors FAQ

Q: How to add Community Neighbors?
A: If you have less than 3 Neighbors, the button labeled "Add Community Neighbor" will appear in the Neighbor Bar. Click on this button to add Community Neighbors. If you don't have the "Add Community Neighbor" button, please follow these steps instead:
-Click on the Mailbox to open the Newspaper.
-Click on a farm name (located above an item for sale). This will open the seller's Market Stand.
-On the top right of the seller's Market Stand is a blue button labeled "Add." This button won't appear if the seller is one of your Neighbors already.
-Click on the "Add" button to send a Neighbor request to the seller. Most requests are responded to within 24 hours.
-If the seller accepts your Neighbor request, s/he will become your Community Neighbor.
-Please note: only 5 Community Neighbor requests can be sent - or received - per day. The maximum number of Community Neighbors for each player is 50.

Q: I don’t see the “Add” button from the Newspaper.

A: It may be that you have hit the Community Neighbors limit (50 Community Neighbors for each player).

Q: Where can I find my Community Neighbors?
A: Both Community Neighbors and Facebook Neighbors appear in the Neighbor Bar. Community Neighbors typically have a green border around their profile picture. Use the left and right arrow buttons to scroll through the Neighbor Bar. To view a list only of Community Neighbors, open your Neighbor Directory and click the "Community Neighbor" tab. The Neighbor Directory is the book icon to the top right of the Neighbor Bar. It's used to manage Neighbors and chat with them.

Q: How to remove Community Neighbors?
A: Community Neighbors can be deleted any time from the Neighbor Directory. The Neighbor Directory is the book icon located in the top right corner of the Neighbor Bar. With the Neighbor Directory open, click on the "Community Neighbor" tab to manage or delete Community Neighbors.

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