Neighbor Help FAQ

Q: I don't get rewards from helping my Neighbors.
A: Rewards are limited to the first 50 Neighbors you help per day. If helping rewards have been collected from 50 different Neighbors' farms, the rewards won't appear again for another 24 hours.

Q: I can’t help my Neighbors.
A: You can visit Neighbors' farms as often as you want, but only 5 help actions are possible at each farm. If you've already performed 5 help actions at a Neighbor's farm, visit another Neighbor to help more. You can help the same neighbor(s) again after 18 hours.

Q: I can’t accept my Neighbor’s help.

A: Neighbor Help must be accepted within 18 hours of the help taking place, or the Neighbor Help notice will disappear. Up to 80 help actions can be accepted within the 18 hour window.

Last Modified : September 26, 2017, 1:49 pm
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